Camel adaptation song You made

Camel adaptation song

You made me laugh at a time that wasn t very funny. Thanks again and I look forward to having you as my future cruise director with Carnival. I cruisied w/John in 2007 on the Carnival Freedom in Italy, Greece and Turkey, and again on Carnival Splendor arriving back on Sun Oct 7/20 It was a wonderful cruise and a beautiful ship, but glad I was back home when that happened. Especially since I can have motion sickness. I know John did a wonderful job and he is one of my favorite cruise directors. Just wonder where all the crew will go home or on another ship? Yeah, we get it you re a straight guy in a field dominated by gay men. You don t need to focus your on your dreams about women s breasts and having a boner. about self-hate and over-compenstation. I m trying to understand something in your statements regarding the word fire. While you may camel adaptation song never said there was fire. You did say, have heard we have just used an Alpha Team call which is the alert for our fire teams to attend. Now though you didn t say there was a fire. You mentioned the fire team. That implies a fire situation is happening. You can t fault the guest for putting those pieces together. When you see a fire truck with the sirens on you naturally assume they are going to a fire, not rescue a kitten from a tree. John, I was on the Splendor, and I must say You, the CREW, and the officers did one helluva job not only keeping us informed, safe and feed under extreme conditions, yes the cold showers sucked, and I still haven t seen my best friend and his two buddies yet, but I m sure eventually they will come out to play again soon. I would also like to say that as a company, Carnival Miami really came through once we left the ship, and headed to our flights, buses or hotel s that CCL selected for us, and they were not motel 6 s. I was put up in the Grand Hyatt San Diego and could have stayed as long as I wanted, but I stayed 2 days and nights, got feed well, cleaned up, relaxed, and all on Carnival without a hesitation, and then flown camel adaptation song to first class, For years I have always told people that Carnival is the best of the mass arket cruise lines, and I ve worked as a crew member and sailed as a passanger on other lines, and I still say Carnival out does them all. RCCL may have the biggest ships and gadgets, but NO ONE has crew members like Carnival, they are the warmest, friendliest, and most accommadating there is on the Big Blue Ocean, not only during normal operations, but now I learned you do it under the most extreme conditions too, Thank You Carnival, thank You John, but most of all THANK YOU to the CREW of the Carnival Splendor, see you all again soon on a fun ship. Hi John, i just heard about what happened on Splendor and glad that everyone on board were safe and sound. Carnival is the best i know that, i worked for almost 5 years for CCL and i met you on Liberty. WHY DO YOU THINK ON EMERGENCY ON SHIPS IT IS USED A CODE? DO YOU THINK IT WAS WISE SHARING THIS ONE FOR FIRE WITH A MILLION PEOPLE? I SUGGEST YOU NEXT TIME TO THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU WRITE BEFORE YOU DO IT. Great story! nice to know everyone was ok at the end I really don t think that John is giving anything away by using the Alpha Team code. Everybody on the ship heard it and if it wasn t common knowledge before, it certainly is now. In addition, as a Navy vet, I would not have been confused by the designation and I m sure there are a number of other vets reading this blog. Having sailed with John and meeting him I know he would never give out information he thought would endanger the passengers or crew of the Carnival fleet. After reading the bellow email, I felt very upset for a comment made in regards to the Greeks Merchant Marines So now the crew were at their emergency stations and when I say the crew I mean every single crew member went immediately because the Carnival crew are brilliant are not Greek and thus in the lifeboats before the guests. I am a Greek citizen, with a 20 years experience at sea, and I have always worked with so many nationalities, and this is the first time that I read such a dreadful comment with no foundation. I want you to understand that it is a racist comment, and I ask you to write a public apology and to remove such a sensational realistic statement. they are not Greek and camel adaptation song in the lifeboats before the guests. Its just not fair to say that the crew did not act like Greeks. We British would have thrown the women an children overboard and retired to the bar to drink G T and the band would have played on.

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